|Yo Cuz| - phrase

1. A greeting or term of endearment prominently used in the Philly area between Italian-American  friends, family and even strangers as a warm welcome or to mean: What’s up? How ya doing? Where ya been? Good to see ya! Or combined with a body gesture in a rhetorical fashion.

2. My familiarity with the term extends over 50 years when it was used almost exclusively by my dad, uncles, and their friends and cousins. Everyone greeted each other with “Yo Cuz”! If you weren’t familiar with the players, you could go days without hearing their real name. Just hearing the term you know immediately that you’ve entered thecircle of trust. People who really know you and more importantly people who love. Five letters which speak volumes.

Now, like many things of Italian-American origin, the term has been adopted by popular culture. One of the most popular current examples is the forearm tattoo of Chef extraordinaire Stevie Martarano of eponymous Cafe Martarano located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Steve, who is commonly referred to as the King of Meatballs, could not be a better ambassador for all things, “Yo Cuz” (more to come in my review of Cafe Martorano).

3. So what are you looking for in this blog? I know you’re not here because you confused this firm with Fox Rothschild….could you imagine the politics involved to convince the shirts to put up a blog called “Yo Cuz” and then charge the client $500/hr? But maybe you’re here because you’re looking for an attorney who understands you; understands relationships; knows where you came from and what values your parents instilled in you.  Or maybe you’re looking for a great place to eat or a perfect Sunday dinner recipe. Well we have you covered on all fronts. Yo Cuz, here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • An unorthodox, yet intelligent viewpoint on the law and contemporary life stripped to the bone
  • Irreverent dialogue at times, but always grounded in 30 years of successful litigation experience
  • A “Yo Cuz” attitude…no way you push us around

Tips and Resources
Weekly insight into areas of the law which will be helpful to you, your family and your friends with a local and or seasonal reference point.

Stampone Family
Being raised in a large close-knit Italian-American family I want you to know the players from the intelligent, talented and athletic to the interesting and unique (did I mention good looking), we’ve got them all — a cast of characters who will remind you of your own family.

Restaurant Reviews
Although there’s nothing better than a great home-cooked meal between friends and family, I love the experience of diners, drive-ins and dives to sophisticated fine dining.  I hope to make you aware of some of the hidden gems from South Philly to South Florida.

There is nothing like a delectable Italian meal. Except perhaps a delicious Italian dessert. My zeal for the practice of law by building relationships is matched only by my love of family, friends and bringing everyone together over the dinner table. Don’t forget the Grappa.

Two Dobermans
Could there be a more physically beautiful, elegant, or athletic dog than the Doberman Pinscher. Bread by Louis Doberman a German tax collector in the late 1800′s, he set out to breed a new type of dog. In his opinion, the perfect combination of strength, loyalty, intelligence and ferocity. If I were choosing an attorney to represent me in hard-fought litigation these attributes could not be more important. Like the Doberman, my sense of loyalty to my clients and my aggressive yet intelligent approach to representation will insure the taxes get collected. This section will be a disarming and entertaining approach to a misunderstood and poorly portrayed breed, much like attorneys.

Philly Law
This section will be an up-to-date collection of newsworthy legal tidbits.

At Stampone Law we are not just looking for good lawyers, we are looking for good people, people who are going to continue to be athletes, photographers, foodies, and political activists. It makes them better lawyers, and it makes Stampone Law a more interesting place. Our culture and history tell us these are the type of people who are going to love it here and these are the type of people who are going to succeed for us and our clients. The buzz will allow you to see inside the lives of people who are not just attorneys.

And, Yo Cuz, anything else I feel like saying…